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DOOMDOOMA: Prior agreement on the salary structure of tea garden staff, Which expired on March 31, 2018, a new agreement was reached on Thursday between the Advisory Committee of the Plantation Association (CCPA), which represents five employers` organizations, namely ABITA, TAI, BCP, ATPA and NETA, and the only registered and recognized workers` organization Asam Shah Karmachari Sangha (ACKS) after 10 round tables at Bhartiya Shah`s Assam subsidiary. Paris had (BCP) signed in Guwahati. Under this new wage agreement, signed on October 22, there will be a 34.57% increase at each stage of the current salary structure. As a result, the salary of an employee of the third grade will be Rs 15,444 from 1.4.2018 and that of the office grade (f) in the last stage Rs 44,151.80. The duration of the new agreement, which will take effect from 1.4.2018, is three years, until 31 March 2021. From this date, i.e. .dem 1.4.2018, employees will receive their increased salary as a late payment. The new agreement will also involve all employees who, after a given year, are not included in previously signed guaranteed promotion agreements, and will ensure the annual increase in employees` salaries during the specified period of the new pay contract. This new agreement is considered the best agreement reached to date. ACKS Secretary Girish Barpatra Gohain thanked the staff for the cooperation extended to them in the form of maintaining the unity and solidarity of the organization. In addition, in order to offset an increase in the average number of All India Consumer Price indexes, a provision was adopted for the payment of the Dearness Allowance (VDA) variable during the period of 1.10.2019 and 1.10.2020. For the periods mentioned above, the VDA is paid up to 0.3% of the base salary per point increase during the average increase of the all India Consumer Price Index Number in 2018 and 2019 with the maximum of 20 points in accordance with the agreement.

Recall that several rounds of bilateral discussions between the employers` organization and the employees` union took place and finally on July 2, and that it was decided to denounce the existing agreement and conclude a new agreement on the revised salary scales of the OMRE as of 1.10.2018. In view of the above-mentioned agreement, ACMS has discontinued its Teegarten-Bandh programme and has planned a hunger strike on 7 and 10 July respectively.

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