Agreement For Healing

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Please pray for my healing from bone cancer take chemo 3 years and liver problem now last week my feet were suddenly swollen to many medical problems weakness of pain I need to heal the Lord also prayer for my nephew and his family. His daughter received the CO-19 from school, now he has it, him and his wife. 14 days of quarantine. Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever thank you Amen Yes, beyond the prayer of redemption, the prayer of agreement is the most powerful prayer that can be prayed. But it is also one of the most abused teachings of the Kingdom of God. Dear Father God. I am hungry and thirsty for your healing, Dear Lord Jesus Christ. In the blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ. All the diseases, all the pains to leave my body now. That is what I am explaining today. I am blessed.

I am healed. I am liberated. I am liberated. I am liberated forever. Amen.

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