Allianz Agreement Meaning

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Two separate insurance companies, Allianz and Generali, have entered into a number of contracts with car garages on prices and other conditions that would apply to vehicles repaired by these companies. In addition, Allianz and Generali entered into similar contracts with dealers operating car garages. Finally, they have similar agreements with the Automobile Dealers Association. In this category of agreements, the price of car repairs would increase with the number of insurances sold by dealers. Allianz and Generali therefore attempted to link the number of insurances sold by dealers to the remuneration of car repairs. The objective appears to be to increase, or at least consolidate, Allianz and Generali`s market share in the auto insurance market. Beyond this business strategy, the idea behind these agreements was that car garages could start repairing immediately on the basis of pre-defined rates, which is clearly a practical solution to get people back on the road as quickly as possible. The Court answers the question of the implementation of the “or” conjunction between the purpose and effect of Article 101 of the TFUE and concludes that the purpose of the agreement must first be considered in the economic context in which it is to be applied (point 33). This is then (paragraph 34, 36): Texas Residents: Before deciding whether to purchase this insurance plan, you can decide whether your own auto insurance or credit card policy offers you coverage for rental vehicle damage or loss and determine the amount of the deductible under your own insurance coverage.

The purchase of this insurance plan is not mandatory. This coverage is not allinclusive, which means it does not apply to personal injury, personal liability or personal property. It does not cover damage to other vehicles or property. It does not cover injuries to another party. Until 1914, Allianz Australia Insurance Limited was reluctant and operated throughout Australia and New Zealand and, through its subsidiaries, offered a number of insurance and risk management products and services. [33] Allianz Australia subsidiaries are Club Marine, Allianz Life and Hunter Premium Funding. [34] In 2012, Allianz Australia announced a multi-year contract with the SCG Trust to rename the Sydney Football Stadium Allianz Stadium. [35] Fortunately, the analysis of competition law becomes a little more orthodox of Rule 48 if the Court finds that the agreements seriously lead to or weaken a restriction of competition in the market. This analysis of silos requires consideration of the market structure, the existence of alternative distribution channels and their respective importance, as well as the market power of the companies concerned (network or grouping effect).

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