Cedr Settlement Agreement

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If a settlement undermines legal proceedings in England, an approval decision may be used to close the proceedings, unless it is the application of the settlement agreement. However, not all legal systems contain such mechanisms and the effectiveness of the application of a contractual agreement may vary on the one hand depending on the jurisdiction clause contained and, on the other hand, on the location of the assets. The provisions now expressly allow contact with a mediator during this period, if agreed, and provide that the terms of the mediation agreement must continue to apply. The procedures that local courts will apply to enforce mediation agreements under the convention and their timeliness and effectiveness in relation to other methods of enforcement remain to be seen, but it should at least provide some degree of comfort to the parties who reach a compromise, in which the application of the law may be problematic. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties within 14 days of the announcement of the dispute, the CEDR Mediator is appointed. The Convention establishes a framework within which mediation agreements can be enforced across borders in signatory states. . . .

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