Choice Of Court Agreement Brussels I

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In view of the proper administration of justice, it is appropriate for the jurisdiction of the Member State concerned to assess all the circumstances of the dispute against it. In these circumstances, the links between the facts and the parties and the third country concerned, the status of this procedure in the third country until the opening of the proceedings before the jurisdiction of the Member State and the question of whether or not to transfer by decision of the third state court may be subject to a decision within a reasonable period of time. 5. A for agreement that is part of a contract is treated as an agreement independent of the other terms of the contract. In cases relating to unlawful acts, offences or quasi-offences, in the courts of the place where the damaging event occurred or is likely to occur; the use or operation of vessels, facilities or aircraft covered by point 1 (a), to the extent that the legislation of the Member State in which these aircraft are registered does not prohibit, in relation to these non-certification agreements, the responsibility for ensuring such risks; When a court of one Member State is referred to an appeal dealing primarily with a case for which the courts of another Member State have exclusive jurisdiction under Article 24, it automatically declares that it has no jurisdiction. 1. Where jurisdiction is based on Article 4 or Articles 7, 8 or 9, and proceedings are eds taking place before a third country court at the time of a court`s decision in a Member State which has the same means and the same parts as the court proceedings of a third country. the jurisdiction of the Member State may issue the procedure if: for the purposes of Chapter III, the “judgment” includes interim measures, including safeguards, which have been ordered by a competent court under this regulation. It does not contain an interim measure, including protection, which is ordered by such a court without the defendant being summoned, unless the judgment containing the measure is served on the defendant before the execution; 1. Subject to this regulation, persons residing in a Member State, regardless of nationality, are prosecuted in the courts of that Member State. 2. Any electronic communication that allows the agreement to be recorded in a sustainable manner is synonymous with “writing.” The court or authority referring to a judgment rendered in another Member State may suspend all or part of the proceedings if: 2. If the appeal is during the first instance before the court before the first instance, any other court may also, at the request of one of the parties, declare itself incompetent if the court before it has jurisdiction over the appeals in question and its law authorizes the consolidation of those appeals.

Keywords: choice of forum agreement, forum selection clause, Hague Convention, Brussels I regulation, Brussels I regulation, overhaul, internationality, validity, form, public order control, Gasser, lilies pendens, Gothaer Assurance I agree that an audit between the rule of hanging and the application of Article 23 of the regulation is necessary. It is clear from the multiplicity of cases that the conflict between the application of the rule of accountability and a judicial decision has repeatedly called into question the effectiveness of the rule of jurisdiction of the regulation. in proceedings that have been subject to property or rental rights, the courts of the Member State in which the estate is located. on a dispute over the payment of the compensation requested for the rescue of a cargo or cargo before the court under whose control the cargo or cargo concerned is placed: I agree that the approach of the Hague Convention, which places more importance on the incity of jurisdictional agreements than the prevention of parallel procedures , is correct, since in reality, compliance and application of the jurisdictional agreement must be respected from and towards itself is the best instrument. Prevent parties from avoiding it by initiating proceedings elsewhere.

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