Collective Bargaining Agreement And Wage Determination

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b) For contractual deeds other than sealed offers, a new or amended collective agreement at 41 U.S.C 6707 c) is not effective if, after the award of an estate contract or amendment in accordance with point 22.1007 (b) the contract came into effect within 30 days of the date of the award of the contract or the amendment provided for in the amended amendment. If the contract does not indicate the date of execution within 30 days of the order or modification indicated, or if the execution of the contract does not begin within 30 days of the award of the order or the change indicated, any notification of the terms of a new or amended collective agreement received by the Agency no later than 10 days before the start of the work is valid for purposes. 41 U.S.C 6707 (c). (b) The paragraphs in this subsection 22.10 dealing with this legal requirement and the terms of the Ministry of Labour`s application are 22.1010 concerning the notification of contracting dates to contractors and negotiators; 22.1012-2, the explanation of the absence of a collective agreement due to a late receipt by the contract agent; and 22.1013 and 22.1021, which explain when the application of a collective agreement may be called into question because of a derogation from existing rates or the absence of collective bargaining. Parent theme: 22.1012 Applicability of revisions to salary fixings. (d) If the contract agent submitted an e98 to the Ministry of Labour and requested a wage setting on the basis of a collective agreement and did not receive a response from the Ministry of Labour within ten days, the contract agent contacts the Wage and Hours Department by telephone to determine when the wage setting is to be expected. (The phone number is provided on the e98 website.) If the Ministry of Labour is unable to set wages until the last date necessary to maintain the business plan, the contractor himself incorporates the collective agreement into an incentive action or other agreement (e.g. (B) and refers to the collective agreement that results from the use of the ODOL website (cf. 22.1008-1 (d)). Government users with rights to provide data for salary surveys can establish collective agreements (CBAs).

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