Community Property Agreement Affidavit

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The surviving spouse should also file an affidavit, indicating all real estate transferred by the condominium agreement. After the death of the first spouse, this instrument can be used to access and receive the deceased spouse`s property, including funds in a deceased`s bank account, as well as to transfer and obtain securities. To transfer ownership of the real estate from the name of both spouses to the surviving spouse, the agreement must be registered with a certified copy of the death certificate with the county registrar`s office. WAC 458-61A-202 (8) (a). It is also recommended to register an affidavit confirming several facts, including the fact that the agreement is still in force. The transfer is not subject to any excise duty under WAC 458-61A-202 (4). Martha does not add money to her brokerage account after marriage. Martha`s brokerage account remains Martha`s property. Martha and David make monthly contributions to David`s brokerage account. David and Martha mix the funds into David`s brokerage account, creating the presumption that it is a common property. . .


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