Joint Development Agreement En Espanol

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The two English words that make up the term joint venture literally mean “joint” or “union” or “company” or “company.” This extra-youth is not collected by the Dictionary of the Spanish Language of the Royal Spanish Academy, but it appears in specialized works, such as the dictionary of banking terms, with the meaning of “two companies that come together for a common affair”. It is often used in the specialized press. [1] [2] Fundéu recommends replacing it with joint venture, joint venture or joint venture. [3] It should be determined whether a joint venture has only a strategic partnership between private companies or whether the concept can be applied to private companies in cooperation with national, provincial or local public public organizations. If possible, the integration of private capital with public investment would bring incal characteristics to states, particularly where these joint actions take place in the field of science and technology. The difference between a joint venture and a merger is that, in the case of the joint venture, companies A and B come together to form a C-company; There are now three companies; this phenomenon is identified as a registered business or joint venture. On the other hand, Company A merges with Company B (merger); After that, there is only the entity that comes from the merger. [5] The basic idea of creating a joint venture is to combine knowledge, skills and resources, while sharing benefits and risks. A joint venture, strategic alliance or business alliance or consortium, also known as an Anglicanism joint venture, is a kind of long-term joint venture agreement between two or more people (usually corporations or traders) who are called partners or partners.

A joint venture is not obligated to form a separate corporation or corporation.

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