a film by DTJ

“Kadu” (Belonging) is a narrative film that tells the story of a brother and sister who were abducted by the LRA and return home to a family and community who no longer understand them. They want to be accepted as children again and the village chief has a choice to make – will he defend these children and encourage others to welcome the other abducted children home? 
“Kadu” was produced and shot on location in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo where the LRA is still active through a unique collaboration between filmmakers and local and international non-profit organizations. The film was shot exclusively with first-time-actors, who were personally affected by the war during a short production schedule.
MOBILE CINEMA SCREENINGS: This film is currently being toured across three countries in central Africa by SAIPED, a Dungu-based non-profit organization in conjunction with an in-depth facilitated 8-day workshop to reduce trauma and stigma and help communities accept and reintegrate children who return home from the LRA. This film is being used as a catalyst for acceptance.

About the Lord’s Resistance Army

The LRA has led a campaign of terror for over 25 years throughout four countries in central Africa. Tens of thousands of children have been abducted and forced to fight for the notorious rebel leader Joseph Kony, wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. Once abducted, indoctrinated and taught to kill, young LRA soldiers become trapped in a convoluted world filled with witchcraft, superstition and fear. With no stated political agenda and no public face, the LRA survives by pillaging Zande communities and then disappearing into the dense bush, moving across enormous geographical areas to evade capture. When abducted Zande children escape and return home they face stigma, trauma and a myriad of challenges. DTJ research revealed that communities wanted to be equipped to welcome these children home. This film is a response to their request.

About the film

“Kadu” was shot in Dungu, northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo in Zande, the local language. The film was shot exclusively with first-time actors affected by the war during a short 6-day production schedule. This film is the result of a long-term collaboration with those living in the middle of war, and created for those living in war. We had a diverse production team of Congolese and Americans, running the shoot in four languages. Special thanks to SAIPED for their collaboration to make this film possible and especially all of the actors, their families and the community of Dungu for their collaboration and partnership. Their commitment to using their personal experience to change their own communities is the driving force behind this story.

Executive Producer: DTJ

Director: Ricky Norris, Producer: Lindsay Branham, Cinematography: Ricky Norris, Editor: Ricky Norris, Written by: Lindsay Branham, Story by: Lindsay Branham, Ernest Sugule