Landlord Interim Billing Agreement

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I am also interested to know what will happen if I do not inform the municipal services and the city council that the place is empty after the disappearance of the tenants? I don`t know yet when the new owner is going to move in. Do I get a fine from the Council? Is it the last electricity/gas supplier who tries to charge me the interval until the new person moves in, etc.? What should I do, can I just leave it and wait, or is it unwise since I sold the property now that I`m waiting for the exchange date? As soon as the tenant leaves, it is the landlord`s responsibility to pay the municipal tax. However, any property that is empty and unfurnished could be exempted by the municipality for up to 6 months. It depends on each city council whether you are entitled to an exemption, a discount or nothing at all (which is annoying). Bev, I think it depends on whether the electric company was aware of the sale or not and changed the contract. If they were never informed (of you), they would not have the opportunity to know that the return to the ownership agreement should no longer include you. I am not sure that your legal obligation to pay is on the basis of the contract, but part of me thinks that at the end of the day, you could be held responsible. Tell me how it works. One of the big problems for landlords when handing over an apartment from a previous tenant to a future tenant is what happens with utility companies in the meantime. Electricity, gas, water, sewers and waste are part of the usual rental services. In some cases, landlords have all the utilities for a rental property on their behalf and charge a slightly higher rent that includes incidental costs. In this way, there is no conflict with the start-up and termination of accounts in public services.

More often, landlords expect the tenant to place the distribution companies in their own name when moving in and leave the account at the time of the extract. But what about the time between tenants that may only be one or two days or extends over weeks or even months? This is where a return to proprietary agreement can make things stress-free and easy for homeowners everywhere. The owner must first register for public services. When a tenant registers, they will hold the tenant responsible for the bills for the duration of the tenancy. If the tenant moves and the supply company resigns, he or she returns to the landlord. Thanks for this article. I have two buildings to rent, and I have stumbled on how to deal with this problem. Since my tenants have their own utility contracts in both properties, do I have to wait for us to implement the “Revert to Owner” contract? Returning to ownership agreement is one of the best and most common methods for managing utilities. This agreement is also known as the Landlord Interim Billing Agreement. This is an agreement with municipal services that automatically brings distribution companies back to the owner between tenants. This helps to ensure that nothing is blocked in the dwelling. I wanted to do it to get the property agreement back, but I had the impression that the tenant could stop paying his utilities, then it would come back to my name and once that happened, I can`t separate the utility because of tenant rights.

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