List Of Eu Readmission Agreements

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There are also other agreements and memorandums of understanding on readmission. So far, the EU has concluded readmission agreements with the following states and autonomous regions: 1. The readmission agreements between the EU and a third country replace an EU Member State`s agreements with the same country, although this may not be the case for DK and possibly IE and the UK, as these EU Member States may choose not to participate in the relevant EU agreement.2. More information can be found. , see the European Commission`s readmission website. In order to facilitate the implementation of readmission obligations, the EU has concluded 18 legally binding readmission agreements with third countries. However, third countries may be reluctant to enter into negotiations, particularly for domestic policy reasons, as these agreements can be a source of public hostility. Since 2016, the Commission has therefore focused on the development of practical cooperation agreements with them and has introduced several legally non-binding return and readmission regimes, which have been criticised from the point of view of democratic and judicial responsibility. In 2015, the Commission published an EU Action Plan for Return, in which it recognised that an effective return system should give priority to the readmission of irregular migrants in their relations with third countries. In 2016, it established the migration partnership framework to promote better cooperation with targeted priority countries of origin and transit, including through visa policy, development assistance and diplomatic engagement. In 2017, it launched a renewed return action plan, containing recommendations to improve the effectiveness of readmission to third countries. Member States can develop a more detailed bilateral implementation protocol within the framework of EU readmission agreements. Finland only concluded such a protocol with Russia in 2013.

In addition to the EU agreements, Finland has bilateral readmission agreements with the following countries: auditors assess the progress made by the EU since 2015 in developing the framework for the readmission of irregular migrants to third countries and whether it has actually been implemented for priority third countries. They will examine the process of negotiating EU readmission agreements and agreements, how priority countries have been identified, the Commission`s support and incentives for third countries to improve readmission cooperation and the exchange of best practices. The auditors today published an audit overview entitled “Migration Return Policy – Cooperation with Third Countries on Readmission.” Audit overviews contain information about an ongoing audit task and are intended to provide information to those interested in the directive or the programs to be reviewed.

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