Ohio Teacher Collective Bargaining Agreements

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OSBA`s rate offers are tailored to each school district and can range from a simple contract analysis to contract proposal development and district spokesperson activity at the negotiating table. OSBA negotiators know all kinds of trading models and can help you choose a method that works best for your district`s culture. Unfortunately, not all rounds of negotiations result in a quick or simple solution, so OSBA also offers advice on deadlock and strike assistance if necessary. In addition to our collective agreements, OSBA offers a wide range of training programs on different aspects of negotiation. Our presentations include negotiation bases, advanced strategies, exit theory and practice, strike preparation and contract management. In addition, we are trained in team building techniques and create employment committees. Ohio Public Schools have a long and sometimes boring history of collective bargaining. At the national level, Ohio is one of the few states that allows public education workers to conduct strikes, so there is much at stake in a unique way. It is interesting to note that Ohio is also unique in its progressive approach to collective bargaining. It was one of the first states to negotiate other things, and over the years this method has become a daily occurrence in our districts.

For public school districts, collective bargaining is an important and very serious process. The results can have profound and long-term consequences on the administrative and educational structures around a school. In addition, the way negotiations are conducted can have an impact on the climate and culture within a school. Negotiations must therefore be treated with care by all parties. The first step in the exercise of care is to choose who will represent the district at the negotiating table. That`s why OSBA is committed to tailored services for member districts in the area of labour relations. Ohio Public Schools are unique and have needs that a general law firm or counsel may not understand. Our company is the principal of the school and the Management Services division was created exclusively to develop and support schools at as low a price and of the highest quality as possible. Our services are not limited to labour negotiations. With our expertise and experience, we can also serve the municipality as an important resource in other areas of staff, such as benefits, old age pension, wage structures, violence reduction, complaints and unfair labour practices.

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