Paris Agreement Oscola Citation

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Their bibliography: Tambo, E., Duo-quan, W. and Zhou, X., 2016. Combating air pollution and extreme climate change in China: implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Environment International, 95, 152-156. Your bibliography: The Paris Agreement – main page. [online] Available at: [Access March 9, 2017]. The main international agreements on climate change are linked below. The full text of the treaty is linked and the UN treaty website contains details on participants and important data. Quote UN documents in the following order: Author, “Title” Document Reference Date. Enter the title of a UN document only if it has been published as a book (i.e.

it has an ISBN), in this case, the UN-Doc number is not necessary. Quote complete titles in the first quote and abbreviated titles afterwards. Here is OSCOLA`s comprehensive guide to the referencing of international law: Here are the sources and quotes used to explore the Paris Climate Agreement. This bibliography was carried out on Cite For Me on Thursday, March 9, 2017 Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Poe of War (adopted on August 12, 1949, came into force on November 2, 1950) 75 UNTS 135 (Geneva Convention) Article 12 It may be useful to start with a secondary source in the research of the International Law on Climate Change. The following books, available in the Arthur W. Diamond Law Library, provide a good overview of the field of international climate protection legislation. Remember that this is an ever-changing area of the law, so consider the date of publication of the book when evaluating the currency information it contains. ILP indexes more than 500 legal magazines published in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Many of the articles published in magazines for which libraries subscribe are complete texts available on CLIO, Columbia University`s online catalogue. While this is not a particularly accurate method of finding relevant articles, it can help you get an idea of what`s out there, or find more articles than you may have missed.

Enter your keywords in the main search bar, click “Show and filter everything… Results” on the part of the article on the results page, and if necessary, use the filtering options on the left side of the page. Your bibliography: Hall, J., 2016. Paris Agreement on climate change: a diplomatic triumph – how to achieve it?. New Global Studies, 10 (2), 175-181. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat (UN Climate Change) Your Bibliography: United Nations, 2016. Paris Agreement. Paris: United Nations, p.1-27.

Their bibliography: Hàhne, N., Kuramochi, T., Warnecke, C., Rser, F., Fekete, H., Hagemann, M., Day, T., Tewari, R., Kurdziel, M., Sterl, S. and Gonzales, S., 2016. The Paris Agreement: the solution of the inconsistency between global objectives and national contributions. Climate Policy, 17 (1), 16-32. In addition to British and European legislation, you may need to refer to international treaties, international tribunals and international agency documents.

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