Rental Periodic Agreement

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Hello, I ask on behalf of a friend. She already has a six-month fixed-term contract in 2016, which has never been renewed, but she has only agreed to renew it every six months. She paid her last six months` rent in April and is getting closer to her family. She was told that she could give a one-month delay, but they will not pay any of the extra rent she paid to cover her rent until the end of October? If the realtor can do this, as she should definitely give 1 month`s notice, i.e. vacation at the end of July, she should receive Aug, Seven and October months that they paid in advance to their refund. For a normal deal: X months of and including after my last contribution, I can now confirm that I am really alone. As expected, my last ally in the above dispute deserted and returned to the premises on October 29. To explain why he was the last to stand, I have to fill in more information about this apartment from hell. This community rent of 4 people began on September 27, 2016. In February 2017, the principal tenant moved out and found his successor “R.” The landlord asked me to become the principal tenant, which I accepted because no one else wanted to do it. Not only did the landlord pay tribute to me for my new duties, but she also told me that she had just discovered that Tenant “x” had not paid her rent in the first three months of 2017. I asked if she expected me to object to me, and she said, “No, let me sort this out.” Next event at the end of March 2017 female tenant `RA` moved without finding a replacement In July 2017 The landlord informed me `R` that if she could not follow `RA`, then we were responsible for her rent arrears (4mts), but also that `x` was always behind on her rent – we were also responsible for her rent (6mts). It had also invoked a break clause allowing it to terminate the lease a month earlier (26Aug in 2017).

“R” and I left as dictated on August 26, believing that `x` was gone too. On September 10, we received a “letter before action” that said “X” had left the premises on the 27th and changed his mind and returned 10 days later. This, she said, meant that the lease “continued at regular intervals” – “All tenants were subject to the tenancy on an ongoing basis, until they were able to remove `X` from the premises. (may be at the end of the year).

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