Selwood Housing Tenancy Agreement

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About Us Selwood Housing Group is a group of companies working on the common goal of improving homes and communities. Selwood Housing Association is a charity and social enterprise that brings all the profits back to our communities. The group consists of Selwood Housing, Silcoa, The Learning Curve, Selwood Devco and Cottsbury Homes and the Selwood Lifeline brand. Selwood Housing is a non-profit housing company with over 6,000 homes that can be rented at affordable prices in Wiltshire and Somerset. We also offer condominiums, purchase assistance and other programs to provide a variety of homes to people in our communities. Selwood Housing is Wiltshire`s largest owner of care homes for people with physical disabilities, mental illnesses and learning disabilities. We work to improve the homes and communities of our residents. Create places where people want to live, that are safe, thriving and alive…

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