The Anatomy of Forgiveness

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DTJ’s film, They Came at Night, recently screened in New York City at Nomadique’s “Anatomy of Forgiveness” art show April 24th. “The Anatomy of Forgiveness” was a one-night-only art exhibition which invited attendees to explore the many complexities of forgiveness through the eyes of over a dozen contributing artists. As viewers wandered the corridors of the Metropolitan Building, they encountered artworks that offered personal insight on the nature of forgiveness and engaged the viewer’s conceptions of reconciliation and responsibility. Are we obligated to forgive? What is the difference between forgiving and “moving on”? Why is self-forgiveness so difficult?

Together viewers explored these questions in an effort to chart a map for the diverse landscape that is forgiveness. Contributions included a live string quartet performance of a piece of sheet music written by a Holocaust survivor that had never been performed live, a photography series of the death penalty, a collection of sketches and designs exploring the Amish community’s response to the 2006 school shooting and more.

They Came at Night, which tells the story of an abducted child soldier who risks his life to flee from Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), found a welcoming and warm audience at the Nomadique art show, offering a nuanced contribution to the conversation. They Came at Night blends the theoretical with the imminent. They Came at Nightmade in collaboration with Invisible Children, is currently being toured in central Africa in Mobile Cinema film screenings to inspire community members to forgive perpetrators of violence. Using metaphor to create safe spaces, the film is part of a program that aims to educate and prepare community members for encountering rebel soldiers who escape.

Additionally, DTJ’s Program Director and Mobile Cinema creator, Lindsay Branham, authored an essay entitled “The Commodity of Forgiveness” that was printed in Nomadique’s first Zine, sold at the show.

DTJ wants to thank Nomadique for their thoughtful curation around the topic of forgiveness and graciously hosting a screening of our film.

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Nomadique Collections is an art show series created to cultivate community, a community in which friends and artistic collaborators inspire and motivate each other by sharing their work in an unconventional and immersive gallery environment. The series aims to foster the connections that come from an exchange with an open and intentional audience.

Photos by Sasha Arutyunova

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