Consortium Agreement H2020 Template

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In order to make the most of time and resources, the preparation of this agreement is therefore, just after the publication of the publication by the Commission, that the project has been selected for funding and before the Commission requests the signature of the grant agreement. This period is approximately three months, which is sufficient for the preparation and conclusion of the consortium agreement. Once the ERA-LEARN Cofund proposal has been proposed for funding, the European Commission will open a meeting on the participant portal to prepare the grant agreement. A professional legal advisor experienced in such consortium agreements offers you the following services: All the formal steps of preparing the grant agreement are described in the H2020 online manual. Horizon 2020 also has, for the first time, model consortia agreements for MSCA-ITN. These were developed by the Federal Working Group of EU Advisers in German Universities and Universities (BAK) and the League of European Research Universities (LERU). Both models are based on DESCA. Although it is not mandatory, we recommend referring to the structure and guidelines of the DESCA when developing a consortium agreement. As I said above, it is advisable to use experienced legal assistance in the preparation of this agreement. The DESCA presentation should only be referenced as a means of structuring the agreement in general and taking into account important aspects to be taken into consideration. As far as Community payments are concerned, it is important to plan the reporting periods in accordance with the order of business.

The second pre-financing is required before the selected transnational project can start. Each consortium must define its own structures and rules that meet its specific needs. .

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