Dha Agreement

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You can sell your property during the lease, but it must be concluded with the lease and the property maintenance contract. This means that the buyer continues under the same conditions as your initial agreement. We have a panel of real estate agents who understand our real estate and agreements. They offer competitive commission rates and advertising fees. If your property becomes uninhabitable, we can cancel the rents. This can happen if the property is: If you are buying a DHA property, our standard rental conditions are 6, 9 or 12 years. We can guide you through investing with DHA. To get started, call us at 133 342 or inquire online. The contract explains how we maintain the property while we rent it.

If you need to sell, just tell us. We can get in touch with the real estate agent and we will advertise your real estate sale on our website. Our rental conditions are fixed. However, we can extend the term of the rental agreement only once up to 12 or 36 months. We pay a rental price that corresponds to the current market. An independent expert verifies the price every year. If you invest with us, you can choose a rental period corresponding to your personal situation. The rental amount we have advertised is the gross rent before deducting amounts such as . B our maintenance costs. As with any investment property, you must have appropriate insurance. This serves to protect you and your property….

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