Director of Harvard’s Women in War Program Travels to Dungu with DTJ to Examine LRA Impact

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Director of Women in War Program Travels to Dungu to Examine LRA Impact

Last month, Jocelyn Kelly, MS, Director of HHI’s Women in War program, traveled to northeastern DRC with a colleague from Discover the Journey to investigate the effects of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) on communities in the Dungu region. The LRA has largely moved from northern Uganda into northern DRC, wreaking havoc as they continue their campaign of abducting children for forced conscription. Jocelyn, along with Lindsay Branham of Discover the Journey, investigated the impact these communities feel from the LRA’s presence; the protection mechanisms they have created; and if the LRA uses child soldiers differently than other armed groups in DRC.
Excerpt taken from The Harvard Hummanitarian
The research assessment was DTJ’s Mobile Cinema. DTJ is moving forward based on this research assessment conducted with Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. DTJ and Harvard will publish this report in April.

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