Excluded Assets Asset Purchase Agreement

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Differences in the structure of share transactions: this section is not included in a share sale, as the buyer buys the entire company and cannot choose which assets should be included in the transaction. With the exception of excluded assets and as set out elsewhere in section 3.4 of the disclosure plan, acquired assets, whether real or personal, physical or incorporated, cover all assets, characteristics and rights of the sellers and their companies related to the execution date necessary to conduct the transaction in the manner currently executed. The middle ground: the assets that need to be included here are specific to the agreement and the list is established in conjunction with the list of assets purchased. In principle, all assets of the enterprise that are not listed as purchased assets are considered excluded assets. Buyer preferences: With regard to the content of this list, the buyer wants to include assets that have no value to the buyer (e.g.B. unnecessary organizational seals, books and records), especially when these assets come with significant contingent liabilities (e.g.B. performance plans). In formulating the terms, the buyer`s primary objective is to achieve the right degree of specificity and to ensure that it does not exclude an asset it intends to acquire or exclude an asset it wishes to leave behind. Subject: In the event of confusion regarding the list of assets purchased, this list provides details of what is and is not transferred as part of the acquisition (which reduces the risk of uncertainty). This is especially useful when the purchased assets are not available in the Or section if there are assets with similar names or descriptions, but not all of them are included in the purchase. For each of these subleases, the seller and the buyer enter into an amicable sublease agreement, under which the services provided by third parties on the premises under contracts relating to these services, which are excluded assets, are made available to the buyer. Seller preferences: The seller`s motivation to create this section depends largely on selling all of their activities or selling a single department or industry.

If the seller sells only part of his business, he wants this section to be widely read in order to keep the assets necessary for the continuation of his own activities. If the seller will not continue with business after the sale, a short and detailed list of excluded assets is usually not a reason to worry….

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