Investigating the Impact of the LRA


DTJ‘s Lindsay Branham and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative’s Jocelyn Kelly have returned from their research assessment in NE DRC investigating the effects of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) on communities in the Haut Uele region of DRC. The LRA continues to wreak havoc on communities in northern DRC, South Sudan and eastern CAR, abducting children for forced conscription, looting communities and killing civilians. Lindsay and Jocelyn investigated the impact these communities feel from the LRA’s presence; the protection mechanisms they have created; the psycho-social situation facing children who have been abducted by the LRA and community capacity to reintegrate the children. A report detailing the findings from the trip will be released in early March. DTJ is thankful for the many people who made this investigation possible, especially those in the communities DTJ visited who so openly and eloquently framed their needs and described the ongoing impact of the LRA.

// Photograph taken by Lindsay Branham in an LRA affected community, NE DRC.

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