Nisa Agreement

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As part of the agreement, DHL will continue to provide storage, transport and other ancillary services to Nisa across the UK for chilled, environmental and frozen products and will provide 1,400 partner resellers. The agreement should focus on improving supply efficiency while reducing mileage, CO2 emissions and other cooperation opportunities. This contract extension, which reflects the renewal of the existing long-term contract of 2009, allows the continuation of the partnership between DHL and Nisa. With this project, DHL will continue its cooperation with Nisa to support the development of the company`s transportation planning system, with a focus on improving supply efficiency while reducing mileage, reducing CO2 emissions and re-developing other opportunities for cooperation. Jim Hartshorne, MD, Retail and Consumer, DHL Supply Chain, added: “This renewal is a fantastic result for DHL and the entire NISA account team who worked tirelessly throughout the last agreement to demonstrate the strength of our partnership. Co-op suppliers can now sign a trade agreement that also covers Nisa`s activities. The Co-op will also open its first franchise store on a university campus next month The upheaval in the wholesale trade and the Tesco-Booker franchise means a more abrasive business landscape than ever before “This partnership was confirmed during the COVID-19 crisis, but it is deeper and will last longer than these difficult times.” We have a lot to do in the next phase of our partnership and we are all looking forward to helping NISA support service excellence to all partners in the years to come. In May 2018, Co-op completed the acquisition of Nisa Retail Limited and entered into two strong brands to embark on an exciting journey. Nisa Partners always has the freedom to do what they do best – independent convenience stores, but we believe that together we can go from strength to strength by serving customers in the country and in the country and creating real value for our communities. Nisa and co-op are hosting deals and promotions.

. The app contains “smart” push notifications to send retailers to certain products, web offers and business-relevant updates. In addition, a complete epic Nisa solution is available with access to the award-winning OCS Nisas platform, which offers a variety of services, including ordering, deals, presells, planograms, in creating POS store plus full order tracking, delivery and invoices. Mobile applications also enable online ordering, delivery tracking, offers and product catalog management. Scunthorpe, United Kingdom: Food wholesaler Nisa Retail has signed a three-year storage and transport contract with DHL . . . “Renewing the contract with a DHL-scale partner will help Nisa develop its routes and supply chain, while allowing us to expand our supply offering.” The extension takes the agreement until 2023. DHL and Nisa Retail have had a business relationship since 2009. The Co-op now expects the agreement to be fully concluded early next month, after the Competition Markets Authority had to complete the $137.5 million acquisition. With the latest Evolution Store format, Nisa offers retailers flexibility with a more modular development format that meets each store`s individual demographic and purchasing missions.

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