Rackspace Data Processing Agreement

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Is Rackspace Technology a customer data controller or processor? Under the RGPD, a “manager” determines why and how personal data is handled. A “subcontractor” handles personal data on behalf of the processor. Rackspace Technology has limited knowledge of the data our customers process through the hosting infrastructure (“Customer Data”). In addition, we only process customer data according to our client`s instructions. Therefore, Rackspace Technology is a processor or subprocessor of customer data. However, AllClients has no say in the data collected, how it is collected or how it is shared or used. Because our customers determine the purpose and means of processing data, our customers are data controllers for RGPD purposes. AllClients only processes data on its behalf as a data processor. Does the RGPD change the way Phocas processes customer data? Phocas continues to treat customer data with the sensitivity and confidentiality required. Phocas uses Rackspace, a leading cloud service provider, as a subprocessor. Learn more about space security practices in www.rackspace.com/compliance Can you keep my data only in the EU? Rackspace Technology is able to provide 24-hour support with a 24/7 “Follow the Sun” model that uses our support engineers in the countries where we operate.

This means that we will not physically move your personal data to another jurisdiction without your consent, but we will sometimes have to support it from outside the EU. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European data protection regulation adopted by the European Commission. It replaced the European Data Protection Directive, also known as Directive 95/46/EC. The RGPD came into force on May 25, 2018 and applies to both individuals and businesses. It regulates the processing of personal data of EU citizens. Type of personal data processed: Contact and use data of the author, recently invalidated by the European Court of Justice. What is the impact on my current agreement with Rackspace Technology? We have a new computer addendum that removes previous references to the data protection shield and contains standard contractual clauses. Customers who must include the revised provisions in their agreement can do so by following the instructions in force here. Do you have other data centres in the EU where I can store my data? Yes, Rackspace Technology has other data centres in other countries, including Germany, to offer our customers additional options for the EU footprint. Will the RGPD change the way Rackspace Technology processes customer data? Rackspace Technology continues to treat customer data with the sensitivity and privacy required.

Learn more about our security practices. AllClients customers download the personal data of EEA residents from databases managed by AllClients, making AllClients a data processor for RGPD purposes. The transfer of personal data from other sites around the world to Rackspace Technology associates is subject to the company`s internal data processing contract, which requires all transfers of personal data to be carried out in accordance with Rackspace`s security and privacy policies and standards. A data processor is a person who collects, records, organizes, stores, uses, disseminates or disseminates personal data of EEA residents, directly or through third parties. A data manager is a data processor that also determines, directly or indirectly, alone or in conjunction with others, the purposes and means of processing this personal data.

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