Summary Of Agreement Sample

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A summary is usually a one-sided structure of a longer memo, business plan, press release, legal agreement, or important document. The summary should concisely communicate the why, what and how of the problem for a busy leader who does not have time to deal with the details. You should assume that although the reader is interested in the topic and understands the broader concepts, he is not familiar with the details. As a general rule, the reader should be able to intelligently discuss the topic after reading the summary. The Regulation (Annex, Part B) provides that all temporary discounts are indicated under the heading “Prices”. Recital 14 states that, where a promotional price applies, it should be clearly indicated, including the period during which the discount is valid and the total price without the share. The requirements for the presentation of content (Article 2 of the Regulation) must be complied with here as elsewhere in the summary, including the presentation of content in a way that is easily legible and understandable to consumers. List all the important points of the agreement, ideally in different enumeration points. Enumeration points are easier to read and absorb because they break down a complex problem into easily digestible bits. Enumeration points should provide the basis for the agreement and not exceptions, special clauses or technical details. The executive, who does not deal with tires every day, may want to know that Tires Inc. has agreed to fulfill orders for tyres within 25 calendar days, but should not be aware that if an order exceeds 50,000 tyres, this period is extended to 30 days or that special rules apply to tyres larger than 19 inches in diameter. Suffice it to add that large orders and some tire sizes contain special clauses.

Remember that the reader can always refer to the full legal agreement for details. In the first paragraph, clearly describe what happened and why it happened. The reader of a summary will probably be a very busy manager, who takes care of a large number of topics and juggles at all times with several projects. So you need to spell out the basics and reorient the drive before getting into the tiniest details. For example, the opening of the summary might say, “This report describes the supplier agreement signed on May 21 to set prices and delivery plans for tires that will be purchased by Tires Inc. for the coming year.” This opening will help the reader remember that an agreement was due for feeding the tires and will serve as a quick mental warm-up exercise. The European Electronic Communications Code and the general consumer protection rules contain consumer information requirements for providers of publicly available electronic communications services. The summary of contracts aims to help suppliers to better provide information on the main elements of the contract, in order to allow consumers to better compare different offers of communication services before the conclusion of the contract.

Comparison becomes easier because all suppliers uniformly inform consumers of the same main elements of the contract….

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