Teachers Collective Agreement Ontario

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Their local collective agreement is full of rights, rights and protection against arbitrary treatment. Members of the Elementary Federation of Ontario (ETFO) voted to adopt central bargaining agreements with the Government of Ontario, the Ontario Association of Public Schools and the Council of Trustees` Associations: in the spring of 2017, a two-year extension agreement was ratified by the central parties and in accordance with the OSSTF Constitution. ratification of accession was necessary. The ratification vote was successful in approving the extension agreement and thus changing the central conditions for the 2017-2019 school years. The extension agreement notably created the Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT). The OSSTF ELHT is called OSSTFBenefits. Newsletters and information specific to the OSSTFBenefits Trust can be found through the “Members Only” section of the OSSTF provincial website. It is significant that a new language was negotiated under Article L5.16 Teacher Performance Appraisal to register a TLDSB/OSSTF District 15 New and Experienced Teacher Performance Appraisal Process. This document is now part of the collective agreement.

Every ETFO member has an interest in reading and understanding the agreement and supporting the local negotiation process. ETFO residents will now work with their respective school authorities to negotiate local collective agreements. There are only a few professional points here that would be threatened without collective bargaining: in short, collective bargaining protects your rights as education workers. Read your collective agreement today. “Together with our members, we want to thank parents and other supporters for coming together last year to advocate for public education,” Hammond added. Click here to enlarge Download a summary of negotiations [PDF] The 2014-2017 collective agreement consists of two parts…

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