Tile Setter Agreement

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18.02 The Union shall be empowered, on behalf of the Parties to this Agreement, to take measures in the context of the appeal procedure or to act in accordance with the law, to the extent necessary for the recovery of transfers due. It is only with regard to the recovery of these transfers that the time limits in the appeal procedure for the first complaint are waived. The hiring or dispersal of all tiles, stones, marbles, compositions, glass mosaic or other materials forming the cladding, fireplaces or 20.01.01 In the case of projects or jobs where the existing collective agreement does not adequately cover the working conditions, a meeting between the employer and the representative of the union manager takes place before the start of work. The agreed terms and conditions must be labelled in writing and signed by the representatives of the parties to this contract. In the absence of an agreement, this collective agreement applies. 18.03 If a period of non-collective agreement does not exist, the funds concerned will continue to receive voluntary transfers in trust. 3.05 Tile Setter Helpers: must perform all cleaning of the tiles defined by the tile layers; Process all sand, cement, lime, tile and all other materials that can be used by the tile layer, as well as any other work needed to support the tile layer. 1.03 The employer shall recognize the local union as the exclusive representative of the negotiators of the workers of the employer whose local union has created and retained or who subsequently established the right to bargain and retains the right to bargain in the province of Alberta and in the commercial jurisdiction to which the agreement applies.

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