University Research Agreement

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A Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) is a contract between the university and a sponsor for the financing and completion of research at the university. A SRA can be implemented by financing utilities (for example. B private companies) or non-profit (state or government government, foundations, etc.) Sponsors are supported. The following reference documents and standard agreements will help government staff understand and prepare research agreements with BC universities. Please read these documents before a university-province research contract is concluded. NOTE: These standard agreements should be used only for research agreements with BC universities. These agreements cannot be used for non-research contracts. Due to the special nature of the provisions of these agreements, clauses should not be extracted for use in other contracts or agreements. This series of reference documents and related resources deal with situations in which the Province of British Columbia enters into an agreement directly with a university (or university) on the conduct of research in an area directly related to government priorities, policy or the various tasks of the department. Specifically, the Office of Industry Engagement (OIE) facilitates the negotiation of SRAs, funded exclusively by private sector for-profit sponsors. The Office of Sponsored Projects is responsible for negotiating SRAs when a portion of the funding to support the research project is obtained by a non-profit organization. For example, a public or federal agency, a non-profit foundation or foundation or an alliance. IsPs and potential private sponsors can contact the OIE for more information on university-sponsored research projects.

A sponsor may accept the use of the university`s standard SRA (Cost Reimbursable) or a standard SRA (fixed price). In other cases, the parties may find it advantageous to develop negotiated key terms. However, the university, as an agency of the State of Texas, has certain restrictions on the applicability of certain contractual conditions. Those interested can get more information about university-sponsored research by reading the Principles – Policies for Sponsored Activity Guide. The objectives of this series of reference documents and standard agreements are: preliminary discussions on a sponsored project can begin long before an industrial partner is ready to create an SRA. However, before the OIE can develop a SRA project, the principal investigator (PI) must first submit a project proposal to the OIE for review and approval. A proposal must include at least one work account, a project budget and a budget statement.

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